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Collection: IMPORT- PIPER PLANTS (No Import Permit Required)

Piperaceae, the pepper family in the order Piperales, commercially important because of Piper nigrum, the source of black and white pepper. The family comprises about 5 genera, of which 2—Piper (about 2,000 species) and Peperomia (about 1,600 species)—are the most important. The plants grow as herbs, vines, shrubs, and trees and are widely distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics.

The leaves of Piperaceae, which have a pungent flavour, grow singly. The numerous flowers, lacking sepals and petals, are crowded in dense spikes. Piper species are mostly shrubs, woody vines, and small trees. Many are used in medicines and in food and beverages as spices and seasonings. Piper nigrum is a 9-metre (30-foot) woody climber native to southern India and to Sri Lanka; it is cultivated in most tropical regions where soil moisture is constant and temperatures are reliably warm. The pungency of Piper peppers is attributed to chavicine, a resin. Also present are the alkaloids piperine (which lends pungency to brandy) and piperidine. An essential oil distilled from peppercorns is used to make meat sauces. P. cubeba, of particular importance in Southeast Asia, is the source of cubeb, used in various medicines and for flavouring cigarettes and bitters. In the Orient, chewing the leaves of the betel pepper, P. betle, with slices of betel nut (Areca catechu) and lime, is widely practiced for its mildly stimulating effect. A ceremonial drink of Fiji and other Pacific Islands, variously known as kava, kawakawa, aiva, and yagona, is made from the root of P. methysticum; it has narcotic and sedative effects. Peperomia species mostly grow as low herbs, although a few grow on trees as epiphytes. Several soil-growing species are cultivated as houseplants for their attractive foliage. The young leaves and stems of P. vividispica are used as food in Central and South America.



Fantzy Plantz Florida has a unique, one-of-a-kind business partnership with Valdis Plant Shop in Indonesia. We offer the rarest, variegated unicorn plants for up to 90% off the retail price of the same plants sold in the United States. We are allowing the general public to access prices and plants that only experienced sellers with trusted import suppliers have had access to.

Fantzy Plantz and Valdis Plant Shop use their existing permits and customs information with the import service, USDA, and APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service). We are in close one-on-one contact with them from the moment they leave Indonesia until they arrive at Fantzy Plantz Headquarters in SW Florida. We have their personal email address, and know them well to ENSURE all customs procedures and requirements are strictly adhered to. 

If you PRE-ORDER imports AND plants from our on-hand selection in Florida, they will NOT ship, or be delivered at the same time as plants purchased from Fantzy Plantz Florida.

They can be purchased together (the whole point of this site), but the imported plants will ship out about 2 weeks after the next scheduled custom order import date, but up to 3 weeks. Plants ordered from the on-hand selection at Fantzy Plantz Florida, will be shipped out by the end of the following week from date of purchase.

We will contact you as soon as they arrive, send pictures and videos of their condition, and acclimate them for a day or two (light and water).

We will then input your USPS tracking number when labels are made, and the imports are ready for their new forever homes!