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Collection: IMPORT- LABISIA PLANTS (Turtle 🐢 Plants) (No Import Permit Required)

Labisia care

Common Name: Labisia Sp Turtle Back


Labisia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Primulaceae. Labisia Sp Turtle Back is still relatively difficult to obtain and is easily recognized for its stunning foliage. With high contrast colors, distinct pattern and prominent venation, Labisia Sp Turtle Back is a popular choice for use in a terrarium or vivarium. This species thrives in high humidity environments and should be kept in at least 70% humidity as a minimum. Final form and growth will vary depending on the environment in which they are kept.  


Signs humidity levels are too low may appear in the form of browning edges. Labisia typically grows fairly large so we recommend having a sizeable setup for this plant.




Labisia species are terrestrial plants and being submerged will result in death of the plants.


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If you PRE-ORDER imports AND plants from our on-hand selection in Florida, they will NOT ship, or be delivered at the same time as plants purchased from Fantzy Plantz Florida.

They can be purchased together (the whole point of this site), but the imported plants will ship out about 2 weeks after the next scheduled custom order import date, but up to 3 weeks. Plants ordered from the on-hand selection at Fantzy Plantz Florida, will be shipped out by the end of the following week from date of purchase.

We will contact you as soon as they arrive, send pictures and videos of their condition, and acclimate them for a day or two (light and water).

We will then input your USPS tracking number when labels are made, and the imports are ready for their new forever homes!

Plants may grow differently depending on the environment in which they are grown in.

Additional research should be done to provide optimum growing conditions for the plant to thrive.

You will receive a cutting with 2-4 leaves.

Photos are a representation of what you will receive. Size, shape and color may vary as this is a live plant.

Family Name: Primulaceae


Origin: Asia


Size: Varies


Care: Intermediate 


Light: Partial Shade


Water: Medium


Growth rate: Slow

Labisia like moist but not wet soil. Do not let this plant dry out between waterings. Yellow leaves mean that the plant is getting overwatered. Curling and browning leaves are a sign that the plant is not being watered enough.